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Tier Three Services

$70.oo/labor per hour

Tier Three Services

Minor Electrical Services

Minor Electrical Services Include:

  • Switch & Outlet Replacement
  • Light & Fan Replacement
  • Breaker Replacement
  • Annual Breaker Panel MTCE
  • Lug & Screw Retorque

Tile & Grout Maintenance Services

Maintaining the beauty of your tile and grout by doing regualr maintenance and minor repairs will keep your property rentals at top dollar.

Drywall Repairs

Whether your drywall has suffered damage from water leakage, or a couple of rowdy kids, our drywall repair will make it look as though nothing ever happened.

Hot Water Heater Repairs

Hot Water Heater Repairs Include:

  • Element Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement

Minor Landscape Services

Let us help you maintain a beautiful aesthetic to your property.

Minor Asphalt Repair

Filling cracks in your asphalt is essential for long term pavement protection.

Dryer Maintenance Services

Dryer Maintenance Services Include:

  • Dryer Element Replacement
  • Dryer Thermostat Replacement

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